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ASHLEY LOWE  is the founder of Momz OnA Mission Inc. (MOMI), a licensed mental health professional and a certified financial social worker.


MOMI was created to develop a community of single mothers and their children that focuses on 3 major towers of growth.  Ashley is a 4th generation single mother and understands the stressors and struggles of single parenting.  For the past 7 years, Ashley and her 8 year old daughter have resided in Baltimore, Maryland, but they are both natives of Peoria, IL.

Ashley is passionate about shifting the perspective of single mothering; there has been a curse and a stigma attached to single mothering and Ashley’s life mission to change the cultural viewpoint to a more strengths-based ideology surrounding single mothers.

Ashley seeks to increase financial capability by starting the conversation about money and financial literacy with moms and their babies.  Ashley’s heart’s desire is to create an awareness of financial behaviors and providing financial education to start making steps to climb out of an impoverished mindset.

Ashley is an avid traveler, she has traveled both nationally and internationally.  Ashley has incorporated a normal practice of traveling along with her daughter, as well as, with other mommies and their children.

As a licensed mental health professional, Ashley has found traveling to an intentional act of self-care.  Ashley understands that traveling creates exposure opportunities to introduce both mothers and children to other cultures.  These exposure opportunities allow mothers and their children to develop a broader frame of reference outside of their normal environments.

Ashley currently has multiple mentors, professionally, poetically and personally.  Ashley understands the strength in unity and the curse of division.  Generational mentoring is also another tower for MOMI.  More experienced single mothers are granted the opportunity to pair up with younger single mothers to show them how to be effective, influential and impactful in their parenting styles.  The focus of generational mentoring is to begin to tear down mental barriers and build more supportive communities.

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