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Farai is a professional with years of experience in leadership, education, event planning, and business. Having attained a Master's Degree in English Writing from Bradley University, Farai began his entrepreneurial career while still in college, having organized and hosted events around his home town that raised money for businesses and charities. Farai then began a career as a Youth Supervisor and Counselor at the Peoria County Juvenile Detention Center. His leadership skills eventually led him to become an Assistant Superintendent at the facility, which is the third largest Juvenile Detention Center in the State of Illinois.


While an Assistant Superintendent, Farai taught a computer aided test learning program at Peoria High School for the entire student body. The Keytrain program, of which he was the sole administrator, was designed to aid in standardized test and ACT preparation for High School Students.


Farai continued to produce lucrative events throughout the city, and eventually became co-chair of the All Or Nothin Custom Car and Bike show. This event drew, for six years, custom automobiles and bikes from around the country to compete in the largest such show in downstate Illinois. Farai also taught English composition and Criminal Justice at Illinois Central College. He also served on the steering committee for ELITE, a nationally recognized youth job preparation and life skills training program that was conducted throughout the local School districts. Farai also served as a school leader for four sessions of the ELITE training program. While on the steering committee, Farai helped develop the curriculum for the program.


Following a move to Los Angeles, Farai eventually began work at eHarmony as the Facilities Coordinator. Following his time at eHarmony, Farai transitioned to Yahoo/Oath as part of the Facilities team. Farai was then the first investor in PAQTech, a revolutionary technology that utilizes ozone and UV light to sanitize. Farai was then cofounder of an offshoot brand that is currently in development in Southern California and internationally, where he currently works as head of operations. Mr. Kasambira has also been a part of Sabona mining since its inception. Farai is also a member of PNDULUM, a revolutionary business investment and development fund.


Farai became a mentor of a young man via Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles in 2016, which he continues to this day with the same mentee. The experiences and life lessons he has shared with his mentee have been as beneficial to him as they hopefully have been to his mentee.


Mr Kasambira hopes to bring a sense of business development and community awareness to M.O.M.I. as a board member. A life long commitment to young people as well as to mentorship and business development will look to be an example and a resource for Momz On a Mission Inc.  


Candice McCoy is one of the founding board members of Momz OnA Mission Inc. (M.O.M.I.). Candice has over 10 years of experience in the field of accounting and finance.  She strongly believes that as a single mother it is crucial and important for single mothers to obtain financial freedom.  Candice is a single mother herself; she has 2 daughters. 



Candice supports the mission of M.O.M.I. and she seeks to help other single mothers to accomplish success especially through creating generational wealth. She believes that struggle is a mindset mentality that has to be unlearned by acquiring new skills and habits.  In 2013, Candice discovered her life’s passion, at this time she was doing work with a youth organization to support the growth of young girls ages 5 through 17. During this time, Candice learned how vital it was for young girls to have an active role model present in their lives.  M.O.M.I. has a mentoring component and Candice believes that she will be able to impact the lives of so many young girls through this initiative.    


Steve Delice is a proud father and husband who credits his upbringing to his mother. As a current higher education professional, he prides himself on education. Steve fell in love with learning at a very early age.


His passion for it has led to a BA in Global Studies, and an M.Ed. in Educational Psychology. Over 10 years later, he still enjoys helping students earn their baccalaureate degrees. As a native of Haiti, Steve believes that in order to achieve a better world tomorrow, we must create the most nourishing environment for the children of today.

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