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About M.O.M.I.

"Shifting the perspective, one mommy at a time"


M.O.M.I. believes that relationships have the ability to take us from one place to another in life.  Mentoring allows individuals to build happy, healthy relationships with other women that will be beneficial to their growth and development throughout their lifespan. 


M.O.M.I. believes that moms and their children do not have to be negative products of their environment, but through exposure to various opportunities moms and their children will be able to expand their mental capacities and realize that there is no limit to what can be accomplished.  The world will be their playground to run, play and learn what is not available in their immediate environment.


M.O.M.I. believes in enhancing financial capability for single mothers and their children.  Finances have the ability to cause a great amount of distress.    We firmly believe that our financial programs will educate and empower moms and their children to take their  financial journey to the next level. 


M.O.M.I. believes that the we have the power to build up one another or to tear down each other.  Our words have an abundance of authority and when used positively we can encourage one another to tackle any tasks that comes with life.  We can be a light for other mommies to keep going when the going gets tough.


M.O.M.I. believes that self-care is critical to your ability to perform in any role or responsibility.  Being a mom requires us to take on multiple tasks and it can honestly be extremely overwhelming.  We have to learn to put on our oxygen masks on first, so that we can breathe before we assist anyone else, YES, even our babies.             If we are not good, then they will not be good.  

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