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Ashley Lowe-Simmons


"Shifting the perspective, one mommy at a time"


M.O.M.I. is a community of single moms,

building bonds and breaking cycles through mentoring, financial literacy and immersion opportunities.



Read our latest Blog post and learn more about community resources and opportunities. 


Ashley Lowe is the founder of Momz OnA Mission Inc. (MOMI), a licensed mental health professional and a certified financial social worker.

MOMI was created to develop a community of single mothers and their children that focuses on 3 major towers of growth.  Ashley is a 4th generation single mother and understands the stressors and struggles of single parenting.  For the past 7 years, Ashley and her 8 year old daughter have resided in Baltimore, Maryland, but they are both natives of Peoria, IL.


Interested in having M.O.M.I. creator and CEO, Ashley Lowe,  for one of your upcoming  workshops our or events? Click the following link to submit your inquiry. 

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